Camping site

Dear RV owners

Welcome to the camping site of Biotopewildpark Anholter Schweiz.

Our camping site is open from March 15 to October 25 and is situated at the rear end of the parking spot.  Campers (RV’s) are not allowed at our Halloween Events. 

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Here you’ll find some information for a pleasant stay

We have 6 RV sites with  a length up to 10 m. It’s not possible to make reservations in advance (for more RV parks in Isselburg district Vehlingen see below). The price of a RV site (up to 4 people) is 7.00 € per night incl. Electricity usage. The max. Length of one stay is 3 nights (for longer stays obtain permission). Camping related activities like barbecues, open fires,  clotheslines, washing and outdoor showering, etc. is not allowed. Commercial activities on and in the camper are prohibited. We would like to point out that the fence around the park is electrified. When destruction or vandalism will be charged.

Registration and deregistration

Registration and deregistration can only be done during park opening times (daily 9:00 till 18:00)  at the entrance of the park. During this time you can also use the toilets located there and dispose of your garbage. For a deposit of 20 you can get a key for your power supply. Remember to return the key before departure. 

Information about Biotopwildpark Anholter Schweiz

RV residents get a discount on admission when visiting the park. Adults pay 6.00€ and children pay 3.50€. Please submit your RV application when you visit the park. Restaurant ‘Schweizer Häuschen’ is open from 11:00-18:00 (except for Mondays). Dogs are not allowed in the park but we offer the use of one of our free kennels at the entrence of the park.

More RV sites

Vehlingen,  at the Anholter Straße 2 (1 km distance)
Asparagus farm Mäteling, Buchenallee 4 (2km distance)

Important phone numbers:

Police Bocholt: +49 (0) 2871/2990   or   110
Fire department: 112
Ambulance: 112
Hospital Bocholt:  Barloer Weg 125   46397 Bocholt    phone +49 (0) 2871/200

Tankstation (24h)

De Rietstap Wikkerink gas station, Anholtseweg 30, NL-7091 HB Dinxperlo