History of the Park

In a forest of the neighbouring village of Vehlingen, Duke Leopold of Salm-Salm (1886-1908) had a park laid out in 1893 that reproduces the Swiss landscape of Lake Lucerne. And on a rock in the middle of the lake, Leopold had a little wooden house built in the Alpine style (Schweizer Häuschen). Today the park around the lake is the home of many European wild animals, such as wolves, european badgers, european bisons and lynxes. Living in their natural habitats.

Schweizer Häuschen 1905postcard of 1905
 Schweizer Häuschen 1920-2
postcard of 1920
Schweizer Häuschen 1920
postcard of 1920


Schweizer Häuschen Alter unbekannt


Schweizer Häuschen 1945-1

Schweizer Häuschen 1945-2photos of 1940